Make Loud Noise

The leading voice education studio in Australia for
voice professionals, singers, extreme vocalists, and actors who use Extended Vocal Techniques to convey their creative intentions to audiences around the world.

Terms and Conditions


Lessons are to be paid for at the time of the lesson or in advance. Payment plans can be arranged. Barter is not accepted. Cash or card are accepted.
All new bookings and casual lessons will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid through SquareUp invoice 24 hours prior to the lesson.

Praxis is free to current private students. If you are not a current student but would like to continue on with this you can purchase a term pass for Praxis at the cost of $150 per 9 week term.

Invoices will be issued for all students who have come to the end of their lesson blocks who have indicated they are continuing on. If no deposit or payment plan has been made 24 hours before their next scheduled lesson their invoice will be deleted, and their normal lesson time given away. The next lesson block after that will need to be paid in full before recommencement of lessons.

You must bring your own USB device, a folder, a water bottle, and a notebook. You are welcome to record your session, but do not have permission to publish this recording or use it in any way other than for private practice without the express written permission of the Director.

You are responsible for ensuring that drug, alcohol, and prescription medication use is disclosed before each session, as these substances will alter the way your voice works. You are responsible for your own hydration and vocal health.

You are responsible for your own craft; nothing can substitute for action or practice. Due to the nature of extreme vocals and certain high-performance singing styles there can be no promise made that damage will not occur to your voice and you undertake all tuition and recommendations as your own risk.

Make Loud Noise and its proprietor are not liable for damages sustained to your voice due to unsafe vocalisations, substance abuse, or your failure to follow instructions. The proprietor is not a medical doctor or counsellor and advice should not be used in place of a registered medical professional.

If at any time you cancel your lesson with less than 48 hours notice, a half lesson fee will be charged to you that is payable before your next scheduled lesson. If you provide less than 24 hours notice then you will be liable for the full fee. If you are sick with a cold or flu you are not to attend your lesson in person but are entitled to have a Skype lesson to assess the condition of your voice and will be given the opportunity to work on theory or song writing. Any student showing up with a cold or flu will be sent home and the full amount of the lesson charged to you.

Session Passes
Must be paid in full at the time of purchase unless a payment plan has been made. No further discount applies. Cancellation policy still applies.

Termination Of Lessons
Should you wish to terminate your lessons please give two weeks notice so that your lesson time may be filled. If this is not done, a $50 short notice cancellation fee will be added to your account payable before recommencement of lessons.

Data Collection
Anita Marie Martin is a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Australian Voice Association. As such, Anita Marie Martin, proprietor and principal singing teacher at Make Loud noise is constantly reflecting on her teaching practice. As a matter of improving her practice, non-identifiable/de-identified reflections and observations may be made resultant from your lesson. If you do not wish for this to occur you must provide this in writing to