Make Loud Noise

The leading voice education studio in Australia for
voice professionals, singers, extreme vocalists, and actors who use Extended Vocal Techniques to convey their creative intentions to audiences around the world.


In 2010, Anita first encountered a student who was already employing extreme vocal effects (a.k.a. screaming, extra-normal voice, extended vocal techniques). This student wished to learn how to limit damage to his voice when performing or rehearsing as he generally pulled up tired and hurt after working with his band. Anita began to investigate extreme vocals used in a contemporary setting and found a gap in explicit knowledge within the literature of singing teaching. Since that time, Anita has set about researching this niche topic drawing on elements from speech pathology, classical and contemporary pedagogy, as well as acting to best support her students. In 2013 Anita's first paper was presented at the 8th International Congress of Vocal Teachers as Anita feels she cannot be the only teacher encountering these effects in her studio daily and is keen to share what she knows about this with students and teachers alike. In 2014, Anita ran the first series of the Screamers Workshop receiving rave reviews from participants whilst simultaneously adding to the pool of ever increasing knowledge on this subject.

Should you wish to obtain Anita's ICVT speech or find out when the next series of Screamers and Teachers Workshops are to be held, please do not hesitate to contact her.