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Changes To Lesson Prices


Happy February!

Summer is almost at an end and that means the Super Summer Special is almost at an end too! This Summer is the FINAL, LAST TIME, NEVER TO BE REPEATED AGAIN, occasion that I am running this special at such a massive discount (12% below Music Teachers Association of Queensland rates, 174% below international industry rates)! 

Changes to lesson prices have become necessary as I have agreed to uphold the code of ethics of the following organisations which includes charging an industry minimum so all singing and music teachers have an equal playing field:
- the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing,
- the Australian Voice Association,
- and the Music Teachers Association of Queensland (MTAQ).

It’s just like Medicare setting the minimum price that your doctor can charge for an appointment.

I am also REALLY passionate about changing the belief that  Extreme Vocal Effects (EVE) singing teachers are just singers who make angry noises and don't need or seek specialised education. In my experience, EVE teachers need more knowledge, skills and education than traditional Contemporary Commercial Music, Music Theatre, or Classical singing teachers, to be able to support EVE singers as safely as possible. By changing my ^concession lesson prices to at least the minimum set by the MTAQ, I hope to be able to raise the expectations students have of EVE teachers to the same level that they expect of the rest of the singing teaching profession and, over time, educate both singers and teachers as to what is truly required to teach this highly specialised craft.

To put things in perspective, here is a bit of info about current going rates for someone with my education and skills in my field.

In Queensland:

The recommended minimum music teaching rate set by the MTAQ for someone with my tertiary and postgraduate qualifications, along with my experience is just $68 AUD per hour (that is 36% higher than my average lesson pass prices in 2016).

Around The World:

The prices to have a voice lesson with some other teachers who are known to teach EVE who do not have my high level of training and teaching experience across speech, song writing, production, and singing are as follows:

- A Cathrine Sadolin trained teacher (not even with Cathrine herself) = $100 Euro (*110% higher than MTAQ rates)

- Jaime Vendera $125 USD per hour (*143% higher than MTAQ rates)

- Melissa Cross $300 USD per hour (*483% higher than MTAQ rates)

By raising my ^concession lesson rate to the minimum $68 AUD per hour (set by the MTAQ), and my standard lesson rate to $80 AUD per hour, I look forward to being able to provide first class singing, speech, EVE, sound production, and song writing lessons at affordable prices within the guidelines that my industry has determined to be appropriate.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for your understanding as to why my rates for the Super Summer Special and for standard lessons are changing.

Keep a look out for the 2017/2018 part and full scholarships for outstanding singers who need additional financial assistance to achieve their dreams!

Anita Marie Martin
B. Mus., G. Cert. Music Studies (Vocal Pedagogy).

Director and Principal Teacher
Make Loud Noise

^Concession is deemed as being a person 18 years and under, or a tertiary student, or professional teacher, or vocology professional, or health care card/pension card holder.

*Percentage rate subject to daily currency conversion changes from Euro to AUD and USD to AUD.