Make Loud Noise

The leading voice education studio in Australia for
voice professionals, singers, extreme vocalists, and actors who use Extended Vocal Techniques to convey their creative intentions to audiences around the world.


Having come from a musical family, with both her paternal Aunts and Grandmother having been organ, piano, and theory teachers, Anita commenced singing lessons at the tender age of 3 with Mrs Isabell Larcombe, Adding piano, speech and drama, effective communications, ballet, tap and jazz, and creative visual and written arts later on in her childhood, Anita became a strong all rounder entertainer.

Anita performed locally in the Ipswich area in all manners of the creative performing arts as a soloist, in duo's, glee's and choirs throughout her youth participating in many Master Classes, gala performances, and stage productions. Conducting became a new found skill in her teens working with the Shayne McCormick Ballet Centre.

Although very well, classically trained from age 14 - 21 with Mrs Judith Krohn, Anita experienced the disappointment of not gaining a place in the Operatic school of her choice upon graduation from high school, due to a still developing voice. Anita put her excellent communication skills, administration know how, and energy into the customer service workforce. For 7 years, Anita worked as an IT Professional in the early 2000's as an on-the-job trainer at WebCentral (Now Melbourne IT) in addition to her role as Technical Support Officer and Domain Name Administrator. With a calming and encouraging manner, Anita found she could put her fellow workmates at ease and make learning new tasks fun and upgrading old processes stress-free. This experience of helping her peers challenge the limits that they thought they had to live life by planted the seed that has grown into Anita's love of teaching. 

Anita made the life changing decision to return to her passion of music in 2005 when, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, she found herself singing the traditional, "Happy Birthday", followed by the jazz standard, "P.S. I Love You" for a fellow participant at the very top overlooking the harbour. This serendipitous experience brought about the action of combining her capacity to engage others in learning with her life-long passion for music and the arts.

In 2006, Anita returned to territory Music studies and now holds numerous official qualifications. Since 2009 Anita has honed her teaching practise at Independent Music Academy, and since 2012 Anita has come into her own as a researcher, lecturer, and mentor for those using the extra-normal voice (Also known as extreme vocal effects or screaming). With the true heart of a teacher, Anita is honoured to continue to carry on her foremother's tradition of music teaching and grateful to be an eternal student of life, pedagogy and philosophy,